Safari's Mystery Gamers Crate - Pick a Size

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How this works:

This listing is for a mystery gamers crate with increments of $50. You can add as many as you like to the cart for a higher tiered box. All boxes are worth AT LEAST the stated amount! No bad boxes here! Prices of items are taken from TCG, eBay and many other sites along with Manufacutres MSRP to get a median for value when creating these. 

Please keep in mind that this crate will be a mix of many different TCGs, and can include things such as dice sets, playmats, deckboxes, booster packs, and any other items used to play the TCGs we all love. 

Adding 1 = $50 box

Adding 2 = $100 box

Adding 3 = $150 box

Adding 4 = $200 box


Contents of the boxes will be anything from MTG, PKMN, YGO, FAB, Heroclixs, and many other games we offer.  Items could be sealed products, packs, and or supplies. 

Product can be English or Japanese 
Limit of 10 per order to create a $500 box 


All boxes will be made to order and will ship within 1 week of purchase.