Pokemon: Safari's Mystery Booster Packs (4/$12 Savage Deal)

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In this mystery lot you will get 4 random loose booster packs from the Sword & Shield series including the half sets or point 5 sets. These packs could all be from the same set or all different as its at random from our 5 rows. All packs are English.  

Please make sure to read all policies before placing orders on this website. 

Minimum of 3 deals per order // Maximum of 10 deals per order

Sets that you could get packs from in this mystery lot - 

SWSH Base Set
Rebel Clash
Darkness Ablaze
Vivid Voltage
Battle Styles
Chilling Reign
Evolving Skies
Fusion Strike
Brilliant Stars
Astral Radiance
Lost Origin
Silver Tempest
Champions Path
Shining Fates
Crown Zenith